FRAM, a first class brand and a successful Company with the tradition and innovation of a family, which is rooted in 1950s.

Actually, we are considered one of the most qualified Manufacturer of technical cases in Italy and Europe.

Over the years, the company has defined a consistent and unmistakable image and now the brand is one of the most important in the branch of all tool-cases, technical-assistance cases, demo cases for any type of samples and in the branch of cases and trunks for shipment.

From the beginning of our Activity, we have selected the best suppliers in the market, in order to identify the best raw materials, which were customized by us over the years.

Specialized in design, development, and production of new products, we offer to our Customers a guarantee of excellent quality with a fair price.

Fram is also characterized by its enduring relations with its key clients, who recognize the unique design capabilities in today's sector of professional cases: ideas, prototypes, products, services, and custom solutions that last. The complete collection of samples and the large warehouse allow the company to respond to every request, both in terms of products and in terms of accessories, guaranteeing an efficient delivery service even in case of small orders.

Certain of your satisfaction, we are sure that you won’t give up in your business to the best case which can represent you, a FRAM case without comparison.

Franco Amabilia